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Psychotherapy sessions occur in a confidential and caring environment between you and Dr. Streeter.

The Purpose and Goal

The purpose of psychotherapy is to identify and address the issues that create stress and emotional concerns in your life. The main goal of psychotherapy is to help you resolve your emotional distress, but there are other benefits as well, including: increased self-confidence, improved communication skills and enhanced problem-solving capabilities. In their psychotherapy sessions, children and teens have opportunities to share their thoughts and feelings about what is stressful in their lives. Similarly, by participating in play therapy, children learn to express feelings through engaging in play activity.

Who Can Benefit

Individual psychotherapy can benefit children, teens and adults, with treatment tailored to help individuals better understand themselves and lead happier, healthier lives. Families can benefit from family therapy, which seeks to foster improved communication and stronger relationships among the parents, children, siblings and/or adoptees who may be involved. And couples can benefit from couples’ therapy, which often results in increased communication, cooperation, intimacy, emotional closeness, anger/frustration management and conflict resolution skills.