Expert Witness

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A respected psychologist in practice for over 30 years, Dr. Streeter is frequently asked to share her expertise by testifying in court. She provides forensic evaluations and expert witness testimony in the following areas:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder not related to a wrongful death event
  • Wrongful death
  • Qualified medical evaluations
  • Court-related evaluations
  • Adoption matters
  • Violent criminal behavior
  • Fiduciary matters
  • Employment-related evaluations
  • Guardianship

Dr. Streeter also provides expert testimony specific to the needs of children in areas such as:

  • Emotional, physical and psychological trauma of young children, teenagers and adults
  • Child abuse
  • Evaluation and testimony for traumatized children
  • Trauma related to witnessing wrongful death event
  • Testimony regarding children as the primary witness of domestic violence and/or murder